Thrift Store Adventure

Thrift Store Adventure 

Thursday, July 7th, 2016,
12-3:20 pm

To create a space which aims to stand in solidarity with buds browsing any section, anywhere.

And a solid opportunity to practice consensual complimenting.

We will be meeting up at the WIN store and going on a thrift store adventure in the afternoon; rain or shine.

Planning on coming later than the start time?
Follow through the rough schedule to find out where the group will be”’
(A map will be posted this week)
12:00 – WIN ( women in need) – 785 Pandora Ave
1:00 – Beacon Community Services Thrift Store – 715 Pandora Avenue
2:10 – St. Vincent de Paul – 833 Yates Street (NOTE** No drinks are allowed inside, including water)
3:20 – Value Village – 1810 Store Street
(Allowing for time to travel en masse between sites, of course)**

*Value Village has gendered bathrooms save a locked, single stall accessible one (which an employee must be asked of a key to enter).

**All venues are wheelchair accessible.

***There will be one car (spacious trunk, seats 4) available at this event to transport, as needed, persons or purchases.