Thrift Store Adventure

Thrift Store Adventure – Friday, June 26, 2015,   3-6 pm

An opportunity to practice consensual complimenting.

We will be meeting up in Centennial Square (skwc’əŋíl̴č) and going on a thrift store adventure in the late afternoon and evening.

Planning on coming later than the start time?
text 250-507-7855 to get the current location or follow the rough schedule to find out where the group will be.
(a map will be posted this week)

3:00 – meet at centennial square fountain
3:15 – WIN ( women in need) – 785 Pandora Ave
4:15 – Beacon Community Services Thrift Store – 715 Pandora Avenue
5:00 – Mavens Vintage Apparel – 532 Herald Street
(allowing for time to travel en masse between sites, of course)**

**There will be one car (hatchback golf, seats 4) available at this event to transport, as needed, persons or purchases.


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