Alt Pride March & Community Festival 2017

The alt pride organizing committee would like to acknowledge that these events are being held on the unceded, stolen territories of the Lekwungen peoples. alt pride fest is a celebration and gathering that centers and prioritizes Indigenous people, particularly two-spirit people. We ask all people to be critical of the colonial constructs of gender and sexuality, and to respect and honour both others’ and their own traditional and cultural ways of understanding gender and sexuality

— What is alt pride? —
alt pride is an alternative pride organizing collective that hosts a series of events that centre the voices and experiences of those largely left-out of mainstream Pride movements. Our events are prioritized to be free, accessible, intersectional, and family-friendly. Typically, alt pride kicks off with a march and festival on the Saturday before Victoria Pride. This year, however, we are running a little behind and have decided to hold our march and festival on July 22nd.

— What is the Two-Spirit, Trans, and Genderqueer Solidarity March and Festival? —
The Two-Spirit, Trans, and Genderqueer Solidarity March is really as the title says: a march in solidarity with our Two-Spirit, Trans, and Genderqueer communities followed by a festival. We start at Fernwood Community Centre and march to Stadacona Park. The route map will be in the pinned post on the event page.

— The schedule: —

10:30 am: Sign-Making at the Fernwood Community Centre (1240 Gladstone) in the gymnasium! Come meet new and old friends and make some signs- materials will be provided. Also feel free to make your sign beforehand and bring it! Signs from previous years will also be available to use. We’ll post some of them before the event so you have an idea of what things people usually make.

11:45am: Gathering outside the Fernwood Community Centre.

12:00pm: Opening the Two-Spirit, Trans, and Genderqueer Solidarity March at Fernwood Community Centre.

12:30 pm: March will depart and head towards Stadacona Park (1545 Pandora Ave) to enjoy the alt pride Community Festival from 1:00pm – 5:00pm.

March route: (same as last year – see below) Fernwood Community Centre to Fernwood Road (turning right on Fernwood) and heading up to Yates. Left onto Yates to Stadacona and turn Left and we will end at Stadacona Park for the alt pride Community Festival! The march route is 1.4 km and should take 30-45 mins. We ask that people who know they travel at a slower pace to lead the march and set the pace for the rest of us. There will also be a vehicle following the march for those who are not able to walk the entire route. More details on the vehicle type TBA.

1:00 pm: Opening the Community Festival at Stadacona Park.

1:30pm: alt pride Community Festival! Join us for food and hangouts, meet new folks, get connected to community resources, check out some gender affirming resources courtesy of UVic Pride, and have some fun times! Bring all the stuff you would bring for a day at the park such as sunscreen, chairs/blanket, games, frisbee, soccer ball, etc.

Some foods will be provided but feel free to contribute anything that can be okay to leave out for the day (ie no dairy or mayo). Please list ingredients for anything you bring to share. Items (non-valuables only) and food can be dropped off at the park prior to the march where volunteers will be setting up for the arrival of the march.

— Substance use: —

We are committed to making the spaces we organize as accessible as possible. We are currently attempting to create more sober spaces using a harm reduction perspective. We understand and respect that some of you may need to use substances so that you can attend and/or fully participate. We also understand and respect that some of you require no open drug/alcohol use to attend and/or fully participate. Please help us to find a balance that meets everyone’s needs by not self-medicating or consuming substances openly in event spaces, and by not shaming or ‘othering’ folks who require substances to attend. If you need to talk to someone about substance use during this event, please connect with one of the Safer Spaces Volunteers. We greatly appreciate your support in welcoming all community members to participate and welcome your feedback at, or via Facebook message to our page.
Smoking is not permitted in the park. We ask that you please limit smoking to the bordering sidewalks.

— Accessibility details: —

* This is a scent-free event. Please do not wear or bring any scented products *

Safer spaces people can be identified by: TBA
Road Marshals can be identified by: Safety Vests
First Aid people can be identified by: Safety Vests with red arm bands.

Fernwood Community Centre (1240 Gladstone):
• Located in the gym on the lower floor. Accessible by ramp from the main entrance or around the back of the building by the outside doors.
• Wheelchair accessible space.
• Two single-stall, wheelchair accessible gender-neutral bathroom available, one on the lower level and one on the upper.
• Gymnasium is lit by both overhead lights and skylights.
• No loud audio is planned.
• We will be using paint and markers in the space, but the doors will be opened to the outside to maximize air-flow and minimize scents.

March Route:
• We’ve tried to pick the route with most accessible curb cuts. We will be keeping to the road until we reach Yates.
• The route is 1.4 km long, and should take 30-45 mins – we will be moving at a slow pace.
• We will have a passenger vehicle that will follow the march for those who can’t travel the whole way. The car will only be able to follow us until we reach Yates, at which time it will need to go on the road while we go on the sidewalk. We ask that those who are going to go in the car do so before we reach Yates Street. 

*Please see map below for the march route*

Stadacona (1545 Pandora Ave)
• Festival will be taking place on the grass.
• There are paved paths boardering the park.
• There are accessible, multi-stall, gendered washrooms on-site that we will designate gender-inclusive for the event and have volunteers hanging out at the washrooms.
• We will have some chairs available, but encourage others to bring their own.
• One tent will be designated a “hangout space” for those in need of shade. If you have other things like umbrellas or other tents to provide shade, we encourage you to bring those as well!
• There will be drumming at the beginning of the festival. After that, there is no loud audio planned.

Bus tickets – will be available both before and during the events. Please email or send us a Facebook message if you would like get bus tickets in advance of the march.

— How to get to there: —
Fernwood Community Centre, 1240 Gladstone Ave:
BC Transit Routes #22 [Fernwood Ave], #2, #27, #28 [Pandora Ave], #24, #25 [Cook St], #10 [Bay Street]

Stadacona Park for the Community Festival, 1490 Pandora Ave /1457 Begbie St:
BC Transit Routes #8, #11, #14, #15 [Pandora side] AND #27, #28 [Begbie Side]

March Route: