About Alt Pride

Who or what is alt pride fest?  

  • A group aiming to put on local events to coincide with the victoria pride festival and provide some more event options for our communities.
  • We are hoping to partner with established groups that are already planning events or have regular events through july/august- we don’t want to compete with wonderful events!

The organizing collective is committed to:

• centering identities and voices that usually don’t get centered, including trans women and trans-feminine people, gender queer/variant/non-conforming folks, 2spirits, trans folks, queer/trans People of Color, queer/trans sex workers, queer/trans poz folks (HIV/AIDS)

• remaining political in our decisions and actions;

• creating celebratory space(s) outside of the mainstream Pride events that are accessible by way of: all ages and/or family friendly, alcohol-free, free to sliding scale, physically accessible,

• working against replicating systemic oppressions, colonialism, settler-colonialism, and racism in our organizing and on the territories of the Lekwungen and WSÁNÉC peoples.

• responsive, self-reflective, and respectful responses to concerns raised about our organizing and any incidents that occur at events.

Why did this group form?

  • as a reaction against the experiences of oppression during pride events/within queer communities (and serious lack of accountability and respect when reports were made).
  • as a constructive action to make events for our communities that are accessible, celebratory, trans*-inclusive, free (or sliding scale from $0), and open to people of all ages.
  • organizers have been inspired by Genderfest and QTIPOCALYPSE Collective in vancouver/Coast Salish Territories and homospun collective here on the territories of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and WSANEC nations.

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