meeting #6 notes: June 18th, 2013

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 25th, 7:30pm @ Fernwood Community Centre.
everyone is welcome to come, please let your friends know!

This week’s meeting didn’t make quorum (and couldn’t have as the number of organizers has dropped below 5). Love to y’all that have been organizing but had to step back to balance yr commitments. Thank you!
To keep the ball rolling we made some significant changes to keep events on schedule and to reduce organizers’ workloads to (almost) reasonable levels. Here’s the revised schedule with more planning details below:

July 4th: Thrift store adventuring!
July 5th: Clothing swap + Alterations Evening.
July 6th:  Two Sprit, Trans*, and gq Solidarity March
July 6th: Alt Pride Community Festival

Now onto the very long and detailed minutes//organizers notes.
(Updated June 22nd- Changes in italics, corrections crossed-out)

Please email altpridefest @ if there’s something you can do/help with.
All hands on deck!

July 4th: Thrift store adventuring!

  • gather in Centennial Square (time TBA)
  • go over event expectations and schedule
  • walk to the WIN store on Pandora, hang out, try things out, practice consensual complimenting.
  • There are a couple other thrift/consignment stores in the immediate vicinity (Beacon Community thrift shop, and Vintage Funk Emporium) yet to be contacted.
  • TO DO
  • We’ve talked to WIN admins and they are on board. We will email them a letter to debrief managers & employees and they will forward it for us.
  • write up info for WIN employees (with some event details and the intent of the event)
  • contact Beacon Community thrift shop & Vintage Funk Emporium, gauge interest, ask see if they’d like some similar info to give to their employees
  • Set meeting times (if necessary)
  • finalize schedule and vehicle plans
  • update Facebook event w/ info & time (WILL GO PUBLIC SOON)

July 5thclothing swap and alterations evening
6:00 pm @ Fernwood Community Centre
most details are already worked out… 

  • TO DO:
  • ask around about sewing scissors &
  • get the needed supplies list
  • work out how to make private spaces for changing clothes
  • make list of snacks and beverages.

July 6th: sign-making/pre-march
@Fernwood Community Centre, 11am

maybe you like to come early before it gets busy? Come and make signs for the march.

  • TO DO:
  • write out supplies checklist and find these things…

July 6th (cont’d):  Two Spirit, Trans*, & Genderqueer March of Solidarity
meeting at 12:30pm @ across the stree from Fernwood Community Centre

  • we filled out a city application for the march and festival (waiting for confirmation)
  • chose to travel on the sidewalks, walked this route on Tuesday. Average curb cuts throughout route. There is one narrow point along the route that needs to be addressed (perhaps by using the west side of fernwood rd instead).
  • purpose: “march in support and celebration of two-spirit, trans* and genderqueer individuals and communities, and in commitment to address discrimination and exclusion.
  • At 1:00pm, start march (13-20 minute wander)
  • Fernwood (east side) to Bay St. (north side) to Victor Street (east side) to Oaklands Park  (Alt Pride Community Festival).
  • March route (~9.5 blocks, ~25 minutes at a slow pace):
    Gladstone Ave. to Chambers St. to North Park St. to Cook St. to Pandora Ave. to Quadra St. and Central Park.

July 6th (cont’d):  Alt Pride Festival
1:30 -5pm @ Oaklands Park (still to be confirmed….) (This is the plan on our park permit application)

1:30pm to 5:00pm at Central Park (2275 Quadra Avenue). 

  • Prepare delicious foods Friday afternoon/Saturday morning (any volunteers?)
  • from 12:00pm-1:30pm, volunteers and community organizations set up in the west half of parking lot.     set up on the south side of the pathway that runs under the oak trees towards the baseball diamonds.  
  • ~1:20 march arrives
  • people chill out, eat food, check out workshops + discussions, gab with community orgs, and enjoy random fun park times.


  • contact community organizations if they want to table, put on a workshop or info session.
  • investigate potential for community arts projects….
  • get together folks who want to put on workshops, discussions, etc. (discuss event expectations, equipment needs, topics, timing, etc.)
  • get a list of volunteers, organize quick training session preceding events.
  • prep materials for casual consultation re: regular events and other needs
  • make list of supplies and equipment required.
  • make decorations…
  • book tables and tents and figure out transport.
  • ****work out  first aid trained folks (any suggestions?)***
  • general TO DO:
  • finish posters (waiting on event detail confirmation)
  • Make FB events public
  • talk it up


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