meeting #4 notes: June 4th, 2013

We again made quorum! The majority of the 1hour meeting was discussion of planning done so far and working out what needs to be arranged by next week. 

Next meeting: June 11th, 7:30pm @ Fernwood Community Centre
Bus tickets will be available before and during the meetings. Please contact altpridefest (at) if you need some in order to attend a meeting.

July 3rd late afternoon/evening: BBQ at a beach or park
-we’re looking for a 2nd BBQ. Does anyone have one that could be borrowed/shared for this event?
do you have a game or sports equipment you could bring or lend?
-people can bring food to cook on the BBQs.
-food will also be provided- 
the details are currently being worked out.

July 4th: thrift/consignment store adventuring
-are there places that you think are super great and shouldn’t be overlooked?
-a preliminary plan/list might be prepped for the next meeting.

July 5th @ Fernwood Community Centre: clothing swap and sewing/alteration evening
-may need more sewing scissors, a full list of required supplies will be put together for next week.
-will figure out how to create private spaces for changing clothes.

July 6th Morning: sign-making prior to the march
-start planning your sign if you’re particularly eager!

July 6th Afternoon: trans* and genderqueer march (location TBA)
-currently in talks with a city planning person re: location.
-if there might be music playing, what would you like to hear?

July 6th Afternoon: community festival, workshops/discussions, etc. (location TBA)
-would you, or someone you know, like to facilitate a workshop or lead a discussion?
-are you part of an organization that would like space to talk about what you do and why it is important?
-emails will be sent out once more details are worked out for this event.

movie night.. (possibly July 6th Evening?)
-a list of films that are available will be brought to the next meeting.
-looking for a suitable location (accessible, dark, large enough, low-cost/free rental, can eat food there). Any suggestions?

July 7th: All-bodies swim
-we’ll try hard to get this organized

Later in July and/or August: poetry/open mic, some other interesting things… 


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