meeting #3 notes: May 28th, 2013

Hello all,
The notes are a bit vague but should cover all the decisions made during the meeting.
We made quorum and made some decisions!

  • Discussed how to entice people to attend organizing meetings: be more specific about what will be discussed and list the events that are being planned. Will also email other community groups to get the word out (and to discuss events being planned for July).
  • Set up weekly room bookings for Tuesdays so that there is a stable meeting time and place.
    UPDATE: Fernwood CC needed to push our Tuesday meeting times back half an hour:
    Next meeting: June 4th, 7pm 7:30pm @ Fernwood Community Centre
    Bus tickets will be available before and during the meetings. (Email altpridefest (at) if needed!)
  • Discussed what the purpose and intention of any events planned in alt pride: build community, create spaces to meet, talk, learn, and have fun, have a range of events in terms of event size, activity level, and focus/theme.
  • Events will be clustered in the first week of July to provide, as intended, options. There was a fairly long discussion about why having these events happen during this time is important both personally and for our communities.
  • A few people hadn’t seen the list of proposed events (see previous post: meeting #2 notes) so we read through it together. There was discussion about which events would complement each other and which would get prioritized. In particular, ease of planning, ability to put on events for minimal expense, prior offers of assistance/volunteering, and previous planning experience of organizers specific to a potential event were important factors.

Events that have definitely made it through to the current round of planning:

  • beach event/bbq (tentatively July 3rd)
  • poetry/open mic
  • several workshops/discussions
  • thrift store adventuring
  • clothing swap and sewing/alteration evening (July 5th @ Fernwood Community Centre)
  • sign-making prior to march (July 6th- morning)
  • trans* and genderqueer march (July 6th- afternoon)
  • all bodies swim

Some more events/workshops may be planned for later in July or August if they require more time to organize.


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