meeting #2 notes: April 16th, 2013

April 16th 2013 at Fernwood Community Centre

The people at the very first meeting put off making this list till meeting #2.  Here’s the current list of events suggested/proposed for later this summer (july/august):

  • beach day/park day
  • femme picnic in the park
  • free all ages dance*
  • workshops and skill shares*
    • preventing erasure of disability in queer communities (workshop/discussion)*
    • clothing swap/clothing altering event
  • concert in a park
  • thrift store adventuring/mutual admiration tour
  • film showing/s
  • trans/genderqueer march*
  • PoC poetry/open mic night
  • crafting event/political art show*
  • all bodies swim*

*starred events are either already being planned or were suggested by many people prior to these meetings.

Organizers are working to avoid perpetuating systemic oppressions including settler-colonialism and racisms in this work and will do our best to create inclusive events here on traditional territories of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and WSANEC nations. The goal is to plan events that are trans*-inclusive, free (or sliding scale from $0), open to people of all ages, and accessible.
Do you have suggestions for another event? If you leave a comment describing how great that event could be, it might (magically) happen.

This list very likely has more events that we can organize with the current number of people involved.
Would you like to help organize an event, check out the next meeting, or volunteer closer to event? e-mail to leave your contact info or check back at this blog for the next meeting place and time.


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